My name is Hannah, and I'm a painter, dog mom, wife, and Netflix addict. And wine person. Lots and lots of all those things.  

I like my text titles in serif, my text body in sans serif, and get really excited about the Pantone color of the year. I take great pride in being your tv show suggester and wine suggester, and preferably both together.

I firmly believe that wine goes with more than food, but life events, tv shows, friendships, and everything in between. 


Favorite things list:

Fav tv shows: Madmen, House of Cards, Chef's Table, Ugly Delicious,  Peaky Blinders, Parts Unknown

Fav comedians: Dave Chapelle, John Mulaney, Ali Wong 

If I could meet a celebrity: The same as your answer, Beyoncé

Fav late night talk show host: King Colbert, and long may he live

Fav author: Stephen King 

Fav breakfast food: Eggs over medium, EXTRA crispy potatoes, bacon, and OJ 

Fav snacks: Oranges and Goldfish, because I'm like 10

Fav dinners: Vietnamese pho, sushi, and tacos. #BASIC

Fav hobby: Painting, watching all those shows on repeat on the favorite show list, and SLEEPING IN 

Favorite sport to watch: Weightlifting 

Favorite sport to do: Climbing 

Fav person: Campbell <3 

Bucket list things:

Dream vacation: Hawaii or Spain

Dream job: Disney Imagineer 

Dream amount of dogs: 10

Dream movie role: Anything in any type of Wes Anderson movie 

Dream place to live: Los Angeles