2017 Thorn-Clarke Terra Barossa Shiraz Review

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This past week was crazy. But this wine was good, and deserves a post. I finally finished my summer classes for the year last week, so I'm *freeeeeee* and can finally get back to my regular shenanigans of drinking and drawing. 

I really don't feel qualified to say a ton about this Shiraz, since it's my first one. But I'll give it some thoughts. 


This was a SPICY wine -- felt like spicy plums, cherries, chocolate, and some heavy tannins all got together after work to hang out and dish some tea. Full bodied, with a velvety, chewy mouth feel and long finish. I would say you don't really drink something like this casually -- it will dominate the palatte, and the meal if you're pairing this with something. It felt like the energy of a cappuccino, with the grounding-ness of a nice strong red. Color was a gorgggg purple/red that I would paint on anything I own. 


Overall, this wine was yummy, but not totally my vibe. The spiciness of it for me made it a little distracting, and I like to pair my wine with relaxing, but that's me. Taste wise I would give this a 4/5, re-buy wise I would say probably a 2/5. I am really interested in trying more wines from Thorn-Clarke, as a I am a sucker for Australian wines. Barossa is a region that reminds me of Napa honeslty, where you could spend an eternity drinking through the region. With summer here, I will probably go back to playing with sweeter Reds and lighter wines. 

T-shirt from the cutest Etsy shop,  Boise Screen Print Shop !

T-shirt from the cutest Etsy shop, Boise Screen Print Shop!